Two monkeys/baboons listed to be killed – every day, all year round – on the 2015 Hunting List – The con in conservation.

The Con in Conservation

Darwin Primate Group

Two monkeys/baboons listed to be killed – every day, all year round –  on the 2015 Hunting List

– The con in conservation.

During my seventeen years working with wild primates, one nagging concern remained consistent: our nature conservation authorities appeared to be on the wrong side.The 2015 hunting notice allows for 2 baboons/monkeys to be killed daily using various methods once again instilling the chilling reminder that they seem to support the self-serving interests of farmers and hunters at the expense of the environment.

The vervet monkey and chacma baboon are protected and listed under appendix two of C.I.T.E.S  which warns that trade in these species needs to be monitored to ensure they do not become endangered.

Except for the Cape Peninsula in South Africa, primate populations are not monitored and assumptions are conveniently made using old, outdated data.oct9 Tau – a young baboon shot by dairy farmer –…

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Our ancestors, sighting the ongoing human evolution hitting almost the deadly black hole, retract on the Human Footprint.

The price for civilization’s progress is and has always been to change environment in which we live. If our modern industrial society is therefore more abnormal rather than normal, it is that though humans have been around for several million years, it is only in the last one hundred and fifty years, that, in a tiny area of our planet, we became industrialists; and in the last sixty years that industrialization has become a global phenomenon.

If our industrial society is necessarily short-lived rather than permanent, it is that it cannot survive the destruction of the biosphere, – and this is very much more important – and this destruction is already very far advanced. Indeed, everywhere in the world today, croplands are being over-cropped, pasture-lands over-grazed, forests over-logged, wetlands over-drained, ground-waters over-tapped, seas and oceans over-fished as man co-opts for his own use fully 40% of the present Net Primary Product (NPP) of our planet’s terrestrial photosynthesis.

At the same time, the living world is being systematically over-burdened with ever-growing volumes of wastes of all sorts, including toxic chemicals, heavy metals and radionuclide, while billions of tons of carbon-dioxide and other greenhouse gases are drastically changing the very chemical composition of the atmosphere.

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Our Ancestors, on The Human Footprint, Retract at the Horrible Sight of Human Evolution Hitting Almost the ‘Black Hole’

On a passing reference to the impending catastrophic perils brought about in human society by modern science, former American President John F Kennedy jokingly said, “Life in other planets is already extinct because their scientists were more advanced than ours”. Most scientists today regard this vision with high prophetic accuracy and they are coming out with concrete proposals to emigrate to nearby planets as they find life on Earth quite unsustainable due to the fast disintegration of most life-support systems on Earth.

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Open questions for Layla AbdelRahim

vegan anarchist primitivist

Ria’s questions for Layla AbdelRahim, Which Side Podcast

As one of the rare species Homo vegan anarchist primitivist, I want to state upfront that I have so much affinity with your perspective. The questions I pose here are to offer an opportunity for clarification and further discussion.

You say: “… what frustrates me in North America is the anthropocentricism. And the anthropocentricism spawns even, I would say even sometime animal rights and animal liberation circles, but not as much because these people are more sensitive towards the animals, but they’re kind of very binary and still a lot of the claims or the arguments made still have this anthropocentricism at its basis in the premises.”But then you also say, “… I crave for a more livable and compassionate wilderness…violence against animals…. how peaceful and wise and just and moral the wilderness is.”How are these descriptors not anthropocentric?

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Layla AbdelRahim, Which Side Podcast transcript

vegan anarchist primitivist

J: We talk with Layla AbdelRahim. We’ve talked to a lot of anti-civ people and this has been my favorite conversation so far. I really like her perspective on everything and really liked talking with her. I don’t necessarily agree with her, but I love the idea, being that I romanticize the idea of primitivism a little too much, but I really like this conversation….

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Support Animal Liberation Advocacy—Direct! — Vegan Place

Big news: I’m now on Patreon. If you visit Vegan Place regularly, you know On Their Own Terms: Animal Liberation for the 21st Century is in print. Through Patreon, you can fund the transfer of the book’s ideas into public advocacy. I’m committed to doing at least one presentation monthly. Through public presentations, I am: Connecting dots for […]

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