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Support Eric King, vegan anarchist who accepted a non-cooperating plea to federal arson charges

Urgent support needed-Call into CCA Leavenworth

Eric has been held in disciplinary segregation since February 24th after being accused of throwing his shoes at a guard during a shakedown of the cells while the whole prison was on lockdown. At the subsequent disciplinary hearing, Eric was sentenced to 60 days in the hole (solitary confinement).

While in segregation, Eric is on commissary restriction, meaning that he cannot buy extra food from the commissary to supplement the meager vegan food tray. Trying to eat only the food they provide him is leaving him hungry all the time.

We gathered from Eric a full report of the food he is being provided and, running it through a nutritional analysis, found that it is totally inadequate. Eric is being fed approximately 940 calories per day, way under the recommended daily intake of 2,400-2,800 calories per day. Eric is literally starving.

We are asking all supporters to call the prison and demand that they find a way to provide Eric more food—either by giving him access to commissary or adapting their vegan food menu. If the following bureaucrats do not pick up, please leave them a message.

Please call:

  • The Warden’s office at 913-727-3246 ext. 101
  • Eric’s caseworker Mr. Spears at 913-727-3246 ext. 37

If that doesn’t work dial the mail number +1 913-727-3246 and press 0

Here is a sample script for your call:

“Hi, I’m calling about Eric King, number 27090045. He’s being held in disciplinary segregation right now and is on commissary restriction. Because the vegan tray that Eric gets is so inadequate, and since he can’t supplement it with commissary, Eric is starving.

We calculated that Eric is getting approximately 940 calories per day from the vegan tray. This is way under the recommended daily intake of 2,400-2,800 calories per day. Something must be done to get Eric access to more food right away. This can be done by giving him access to commissary or by immediately improving the vegan tray that you provide.

Eric is getting dizzy, having trouble concentrating and feeling hungry all the time. We need to address this situation immediately. Thank you.”

If leaving a message, feel free to leave a name and call back number, but you don’t have to.

Please pass this post far and wide. Eric is in the very beginning of his 60 day sentence in disciplinary segregation, so it’s important that we  prevent the prison from starving him right away.

Thanks everyone!

-EK Support Crew


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Symbiosis- primal nature ethic


Most of my work as a forest steward is intervening in the attack – introduced invasive plant and animal species weakening and defeating thriving communities of biodiversity. My heart, mind and body are on the front line, giving me first hand understanding.

When a new species is introduced, often it is challenged to survive, much less thrive, due to difficulties adjusting quickly to new conditions. But when a species can adjust to new conditions, its evolutionary history has afforded it methods of expanding to which the existing species have not had time to counter-adapt, giving the invader a decisive advantage. Whether we humans ourselves adapted to hurdle our natural barriers, or our barriers somehow eroded giving us easy expansion opportunities is a moot point. To this day our species has not only invaded every bioregion, we have introduced other species invaders that have thrown nature out of overall homeostasis.

All life has a longing to live and expand. But all species also need interspecies symbiosis to survive – all life requires community. As species adapt new ways to expand, other species adapt ways that counter-balance the expansion. This counter-balance is best achieved through slow changes. When changes happen too quickly counter-adaptations may not manifest in time, leaving opportunities for monocultures to establish, and extinctions to occur. Examples of humans’ biocultural adaptations include using tools, controlling fire, agriculture. These ‘inventions’ served as a catalyst for our growth in population and expansion out of our niche into habitats of other species’ communities.

The true question is, What is the human habitat? That is, assuming our species’ adaptions came at a slow enough pace that other species had time to manifest counter-balancing adaptations, where would our niche have been? We are, after all, animals. All animals have a habitat. If English ivy growing up a tree in the Pacific Northwest could be asked, Where is your niche?, it may take offense to even the implication that it is not entitled to expand as freely as it chooses. But the longing to populate and expand does not override a species’ natural limits to life within diverse living communities. Symbiosis is the primal nature ethic.



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