Psychological Evolution of ‘Pets’

pig as meat

pig as meat

pig pet

pig as pet

pig as pig

pig as pig

As animals, humans have an innate ability to see ‘cuteness’ in others and sense attraction. This ability serves functions. It can be the basis on which a sexual bond is formed for species reproduction. It can be the basis on which a caretaking bond is formed for species survival. Seeing cuteness and sensing attraction is a powerful primal experience.

Animals have innate interspecies boundaries. For millions of years hominids may have been able to glimpse cuteness in other species, but likely sensed a strong boundary to remain separate, with exceptions such as symbiotic connections and idiosyncrasies.

With human adaptions such as agriculture and the dietary shift to meat, humans developed a dominion, an attitude of mega-control, over all life on Earth. While other species maintained their interspecies boundaries, dominion distorted the innate boundary humans sense toward other species.

Modern humans yearn to be deemed morally fit. In response to the burden of morality of superiority, humans adapted by developing defense mechanisms that allow a hypocritical mind that holds opposing conceptions as truth. Hence, the modern practice of ‘saving’ and caring for pets like domesticated dogs, while eating partially cremated tissues of tortured and slaughtered animals like pigs.

Human dominion and overpopulation commits carnage on Earth, and pets are an extension of humans. The clash is clear: humans and human domesticated animals vs free animals and Earth.


another horrific example of man’s manipulation

humans want to experience close relationship with nonhumanimal, so they conceive ‘pets’ of certain nonhumanimals that meld into and can be breeded for desired characteristics, shifting the type of exploitation of these chosen nonhumanimals.

these notions play out in cross-cultural analysis of which nonhumanimals are classified ‘pets’ and how different nonhumanimals are exploited differently – totally human constructed concepts, based on human whim.

hope some day humans see that all animals exist for their own reasons.
we created dogs & cats into their current form, and they may need our love if they can’t be freed to rewild, but if we focus on neutering & spaying all, rather than pretending to be saviors by ‘rescuing’ them, the demand for ‘pets’ will reduce & hopefully eliminate our self-serving invention.
and, they exponentially damage the environment
asmuchso as their owner overpopulating humans
which kills off free animals by the billions

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