modern human’s conundrum

societal collapse

What’s more frustrating than folks on the right who put capitalistic industry over nature, is folks on the left who think it’s possible to have both.  Even if every home is solar-powered, and cars run on a clean burning oil, and plastic is banned world-wide, and every person in the world converts to a veganic diet, industry means planetary doom, especially when paired with an expansionist market framework.

Whenever humans live above and off and on nature, vs living with and in, things get out of whack.  Hence the conundrum:  now that so many humans exist, and are growing increasingly dependent on industrialism, how can we rectify the madness?  Is it too late?  Is there only hope in waiting for humans to do so much destruction that the system collapses on a world scale?  In the meanwhile, is the only just life a life that speeds up the collapse?   Does adopting an ‘eco-friendly’ life just allow one to live guilt-free while in actuality delaying the inevitable collapse that is the only true way to bring back a healthy biodiversity of life on earth?

As much as humans want to feel good about themselves, as a species we’ve backed ourselves into this corner.  If we’re brave enough to open our eyes, these are the questions, for which there seems to be no good answer.


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