vegan vengeance

fair game

“I found this little dead mink along the Mississippi yesterday. Notice one of its hind legs have been chewed off – in order to free itself from a trap. It could be why it died – life is hard enough for these guys on four legs.
I’ve actually seen mink, muskrat and beaver with 2 legs chewed off – and I’ve heard of instances where they are “on their last leg” which is where that saying comes from (I think).
Man, this trapping REALLY PISSES me off – maybe my ultimate test in personal anger management.
I have this fantasy of setting a big bear trap near where a trapper has his sets. Then when he gets caught, I’ll show up and advise him to chew his foot off in order to free himself. That’s justice.
I think I’m going skating today again – though I usually have to share the ice with the under water hunters as well.”


Considering the Earth destruction and suffering humans inflict, is ‘compassionate human’ an oxymoron or simply a sad irony?

Is this man a compassionate human if he releases a bobcat from a trap, and then eats a sandwhich with pieces of charred muscle tissue from a partially creamated nonhumanimal?

Oxymoron or sad irony?



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