Quit En Masse

civilization must die Take Action – January 1, 2014

Call to All – Quit En Masse

Are you a cog in the wheel?  Do you get a paycheck for building & maintaining an evil empire (military, cia, boeing, caterpillar, etc.)?  Have a heart & heed this calling to do the most important thing to heal Earth.  Quit.

Yes, let’s all just quit.  If you can, go ahead & get hurt on the job & apply for benefits.  Apply for public housing.  Apply for all the government benefits that are left.  Sap the system dry.  Go to food banks & line up for Food Not Bombs.  Forage.  Wwoof.  Couchsurf.  Camp.  Rideshare.  Hitchhike.  Let your brothers & sisters take care of you.

Plan it for January 1, 2014, the day those with low income can sign up for medicaid.  If you’re in middle of Hateville with rulers who are ‘opting out’, that might mean a move to a slightly kinder state.

Discover who you are, live a meaningful life, for yourself & those you love, and for Earth.

Save The Planet – Quit En Masse!

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