the heart of modern humans vis-à-vis Earth

If A Tree Falls

green is the new red

How the middle rides in the wing of the left:

Shocking to hear it admitted.  Rare how the two sides actually collaborated together instead of infighting.  Barbara Bramble – The Birth of the Rainforest Action Network

This is how ‘social progress’ usually happens. Pressure on the ‘evil doers’ from those who are willing to put their lives on the front line rises to the level where the ‘evil doers’ choose the easiest path offered up by those they perceive as the nice people on the left (who are really in the middle because instead of changing the system, they just slow the system).  In this way they keep their ‘evil doing’ alive at a lower level, or just sometimes sweep it into secret shadows where it can thrive or even amp up.  For both the right and the middle, it’s all about appearances to prosper guilt free.

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