OBEY – based on Chris Hedges’ “Death of the Liberal Class”

Can you handle a glimpse into our reality, and our future?

Our evolution into corporatized sheeple is just about complete.  They got us hooked on bad food, war, fear, competing against & hatred for one another, working, buying, driving, medicating, exploiting every ounce of Earth…  They’ve got us so thoroughly trained that when we see a glimpse of freedom, we mock it as ‘uncivilized’. We’ve unknowingly become corporate slaves.

What’s the end result of world corporatization?  An Earth returned to a form not hospitable to lush ecosystems, this time not caused by natural climactic shifts, but by the hands of humans.

step 1: see through illusionstep 2: ???

step 1: see through illusion
step 2: ???


2 thoughts on “OBEY – based on Chris Hedges’ “Death of the Liberal Class”

  1. riodelmontana Post author

    Right on. When there are too many rats in a cage, a whole new set of social norms emerge that appear anti-nature. Zooming in solely on the behavior, you think there’s something inherently wrong with a species that behaves in a way that generally hurts itself. Zooming out to see the whole picture feels like an epiphany yet only reveals the obvious. Population size dictates social behavior.

  2. Ken

    Obey, conform, corporatism, be one of the many “sheeple”… This is not the “problem” but a result or symptom of the problem. When the land becomes overpopulated, conformity, obedience, etc. is all we have to keep the masses in some kind of control so we don’t resort to complete chaos on an everyday basis. We are extremely overpopulated. When we confront this problem head on – then we are on the right track.
    Work on population control rather than dis-obedience.


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