human natural diet before he became the Superior Human?

Since there’s nothing humans require nutritionally that can only be derived from animal products, the argument that humans are natural meat eaters is on rather shaky ground. If even a partial intake of meat was ever necessary for humanity’s evolution, you’d think there’d be vestigial indicators for it in our current anatomy or morphological evidence in the fossil record. Alas, these seem notably absent. As such, we are certainly not obligate omnivores.

We lived majestically, heavily inclined toward frugivory for millennia, reading patterns in the flora and employing exquisite manual dexterity to secure the choicest mango for sharing with a loved one: reaching and capturing earthly stars… sparking our imaginations, outwitting predatory hyenas with bipedal locomotion when on the ground, uprooting tubers and greens for their goodness along the way… We vegans are the keepers of an ancient knowledge — and we offer it to all who will listen.

posted on craigslist vegan forum 3/25/13

Superior dominion in action.

Superior dominion in action.


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