The Infamous Monkey Trap

Yes, the myth you heard is indeed true. A human can make a monkey trap with a hole in a coconut or termite mound & bait it. When the monkey slides his arm through the hole & clutches the bait, he cannot think to open his hand to release his arm. He’s stuck, doomed with his firm fisted treat he cannot enjoy. What once seemed like a sweet treat turns him into monkey meat.

The monkey trap serves as a metaphor on many levels. Humankind can be the entrapped monkey. He goes for what seems to be a sweet life but ends up stuck. Even when he realizes the sweet treat traps him in a dire predicament, he remains unable to let go.

Humankind can also be the trapper human, evolved in intelligence, technology and willingness to put himself high above all other life – even trapping his cousin monkey – heedlessly exploiting animals and earth at whim into oblivion. But with this version there is an escape to the dire ending. Humans can use their intelligence and technology, but limit their hyper-ego, to only meet their truly basic needs – like water, not meat. If they continue to stay within the limits of their natural ecosystem, feed off gathered plants, maintain their position with, not above, other animals…



One thought on “The Infamous Monkey Trap

  1. Bugsy

    I love these posts. Hope a lot of people follow this site and post it elsewhere. I recommend it to my friends.


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