Epiphanies on a Plastic Planet

I can only remember having two epiphanies in my life.  The day after my son was born I recognized his distinct cry – it beckoned my being on the most primal level. That day I became Tiger Mamma. And when he was two he instinctively gathered grapes and ate them.    That day he revealed to me that humans by nature are and always have been folio-frugivores.

But then yesterday.  I sat as I often do feeling sorry for Mother Earth, then it hit me – I am Mother Earth.  I and all life and all nonlife on this planet, and possibly in the entire world, together we are all Mother Earth.  I didn’t know what that meant or how to incorporate this new understanding into my identity.  It was powerful, but I didn’t quite know how to feel.

Until today.  I remembered how distressed I’ve been since as early as I can remember.  Phase two of this epiphany – I’ve been distressed my entire life because Mother Earth is distressed.  My whole life I’ve instinctively sensed the distress.  Now it all makes sense.

mother earth tree

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