human overpopulation reaches behavioral sink – just feel it

Does anyone still not believe this?

From the time I was a little girl I knew the worst thing I could do for the planet was have children, I always just sensed it.  When I was 18 I asked my gyne tie my tubes.  She laughed it off.  Each year I went to a different gyne & asked the same question, and each time their responses started me doubting my own sanity.  At age 22 the accident happened.  I always knew I could never have an abortion or give my child up for adoption.  Though I accepted my responsibility, I deplored my ob/gyne to now tie my tubes after childbirth.  He said the same thing I heard the others say, the rule is you have to be 30 years old, have at least 3 kids, & have the permission of your husband.  “I’m not married.”  “Well then your boyfriend.”  “You mean that abusive man I made the mistake of getting pregnant with who is still pissed that I’m not having an abortion & wants nothing to do with my child?” 

I begged and cried and pleaded until finally he said what he could to get me to leave his office, “If you go to a psychiatrist and get them to document that you are making a sane decision, I will refer you for a tubal ligation.”  Unfortunately by the time the psychiatrist could schedule me for 3 visits to validate my sanity my due date would be long past.  I went anyway.  Less than a month after giving birth I was opened up again to finally have my tubes tied.

Shift the earth destroying ethos.  Before people come to you with ‘good news’ of pregnancy, thank them for not breeding.

no kids</a

thank you for not breeding


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