what good does a mosquito do?

mosquitoes right to exist

Bob: We have to do something to keep the mosquitoes & spiders out.

Rio: Well, we could fix the window screens. But do we really have a right to keep them out, I mean they were here before us, we moved into their home didn’t we?

B: You know how much those spider bites are hurting you. And doesn’t it freak you out that they’re crawling on you while you sleep?

R: It’s the price I pay for destroying their homes. When I was a camp counselor summers ago sleeping inside mosquito netting was pretty freaky. Couldn’t go to sleep with the mosquitoes buzzing inches from my head, desperate to suck my blood so their babies could live.

B: And when you kill them they’re filled with blood.

R: When they were on my arm, even if they were sucking my blood, I’d just scoot them off. What right do I have to take their lives, they’re just trying to live like we are.

B: That’s nuts. What good does a mosquito do?

R: What good does a human do?

B: You answered my question with a question. Really, what good does a mosquito do?

R: Well, mosquitoes are food to many animals that are vital to a diverse ecosystem, but why do humans have a right to determine whether other species have a right to exist without even justifying our own right to exist? At least mosquitoes are food for species that create a healthy living Earth. What good are humans?

B: Yeah, mosquitoes are a natural part of the food chain, and humans aren’t food for other animals.

R: Besides maybe lots of parasites. But in our effort to rise above nature, humans are, by our modern existence, destroying nature. So can you justify human existence? What good does a human do?

B: Good question.

anarchy - order not chaos


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