Mother Nature vs capitalism


2 thoughts on “Mother Nature vs capitalism

  1. Ricky McLeod

    An awareness around 1970 of the approach of physical limits to human civilization led to a forecast of overshoot and decline to a perfect storm around 2030. A burgeoning human population is passing the limited of a finite planet., including food, water and energy, and heading for collapse. Now 40 years of the 60 year period have passed. Events are following the forecast path and the crisis is under 20 years away.

    Many elements of that forecast have occurred as expected, including peak oil, climate change, species extinction ans economic crisis. The signs of approaching limits are clear. Our civilization may soon crash.

    Nothing has been done in the past several decades of denial. Instead there has been an increase in control by a global oligarchy fixated on growth.

    The threat facing us is frightening, but unfortunately it is the reality. The challenge is to stop pretending that the current way of operation is sustainable. We must stop being scared and deal calmly with the real world !

    1. riodelmontana Post author

      & the closer humans come to the consequences of our actions, the heavier our denial weighs, the more destructive our actions grow, the closer we come to our consequences… Cyclical madness!

      Question is, how does a human opting to see this harsh reality cope? What is the meaning of the human life today?


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