answer: primitivism or green modernism?

solar panel madness


One thought on “answer: primitivism or green modernism?

  1. Ricky McLeod

    The reason for this global destruction is the human population explosion; we have been born as part of this plague, a human epidemic \. The number of people reached 1 billion in 1800, then tripled to 3 billion in 140 years to 1940, and is tripling again in 80 years to 9 billion in 2040. The frequent stresses of overpopulation, with a concentration of peoples in cities and eventual resource shortages, have led to plague, war and religious extremism many times throughout history. Current regional disputes will blowout in widespread war and destruction. The terrible 20th century with its murderous world wars will form a template for the even more horrifying 21st century – which has begun with an outburst of religious fundamentalism !

    Recent measurements show that the movement of ice sheets off Greenland and Antarctica has accelerated. This is a great unknown; if a tipping is reached, sea level rise of several metres will be rapid, in decades rather than centuries. The burning of fossil fuels is the major contributor to greenhouse gases. yet 2013 has been a record year for greenhouse gas production….

    Many years have been wasted. We are all together on this one planet, part of a human plague that destroys other species, harms the environment, threaten the viability of our civilization and promises widespread starvation. We cannot plan for sustainability, for our current way of life cannot be sustained. We are entering a time of massive disruption and must consider how best to survive the storm.

    This is a big ask. It requires challenging provocative thinking. Each of us must function as a truly alive human being, not as a directed zombie.

    “Swim against the current: even a dead fish can go with flow ‘


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