building a world

building a world

“building a world of concrete”

read the cement truck sign

as I look out my bus window

sitting on plastic

holding metal

gliding in a walled enclosure

upon round oil-infused rubber

gazing out glass

as the automated humans

in Sunday’s best

and not Sunday’s best

(both shipped across the ocean

or maybe within the homeland

from slavery)

walking in rhythm

on the stiff concrete sidewalk

(“building a world of concrete”)

with determined moss in cracks

along cookie cutter dwellings & dealings

and inserted ornamental trees

(from hybridization for preferential traits

or seeds stolen from a far off ecosystem)

with squawking invasive aviators

perched on safe nonnative branches

bartering with automated humans

“A revived sense of nature connection

(however false)

for industrial lifeless foodstuff.”

scavenger birds & squirrels,

civilized humans and their

pampered pet dogs –

the dominant vertebrates,

desperate fools, dormant beings

in this dead constructed world

with cranes

(not the animals)

constructing more

and more

atop foundations of

of dug out ‘dirt’

turned concrete pits.

“building a world of concrete”

(Quick, please tell me, it’s urgent –

where is the nearest living soil?

I need to be there now.

Panic subsides. Longing fads.)

my eyes search

for anything real

finally resting on the one and only

the sky

baby blue with wispy clouds

trusting, hoping

the sky is still real


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