Dr. Steven Best: I WANT WAR

Fascinating to hear: Steve Best shares his views on the state of the animal liberation struggle. No offence intended.

poster: “I was watching this video from Steve Best yesterday and made me realize that we’re not doing enough. Veganism is not enough, it has been turned into something part of our capitalist system, a commercial thing.

As Steve said this has been turned into a “lifestyle” when it should be a liberation movement. Vegans, we don’t save animals. The government help the meat industry to compensate the economic losses, they subsidy the meat industry with millions and millions. It doesn’t matter how much they lose with vegans, the government will cover that amount.

This is frightening. I understand everything about compassion and being respectful with people, but please wake up, we are losing the war as Steve said. Yes, more people is turning vegan, but is not enough.

He also mention the popular phrase that this world cannot sustain another USA:
•India: 1.2 Billion People
•China: 1.3 Billion People
•US: 300 Million People
•Middle class of China: 300 Million People

By the year 2050 we will find the following facts to be true:
•The world population will be 9 Billion People
•The oceans will be dead and there will be no fish
•We will have lost 1/3 to 2/3 of existing species
•All of the polar ice caps will be melted

Where is the victory? Are we winning? Are we going to win with that attitude that we are winning? There’s no chance. We have to get out of the vegan fantasy land and face the facts, of how strong the enemy is.

Do you see how scary is this? Aren’t you scared?”

quiet now


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