Meat Is Murder? We Don’t Act Like It Is

by Roland Windsor Vincent

As animal activists, everything we believe in and stand for militates for us to rise up in revolt against the horrors of the Animal Holocaust.

The torture and murders of 150 million animals each day in slaughterhouses amply justifies armed insurrection, the storming of the halls of government, the burning down of slaughterhouses, packing plants, meat wholesalers, chain markets, restaurants, and the arrest of everyone involved in the atrocities, from the members of the boards of directors of the major Big Ag companies to the grunts who wield the knives.

If we truly believe that every life is precious, that animals have as much right to live as do we, that meat is murder, we would take to the streets. We would shoot the enemies as we found them. We would sabotage the trucks, take the killers by force, track down their bosses, exact justice for all the lives taken, all the pain and terror inflicted. For all of the horrors.

Of course, were we to do so now, we would fail.

But that is no excuse for failing to plan on making revolution a success.

How can we go on like nothing is wrong? How can we watch TV, go to movies, take vacations, celebrate Christmas, birthday, anniversaries, while a BILLION animals a week are being murdered? If they were a billion children having their throats cut would we ct differently? I fear we would.

For every animal we try to save we should be planning on taking out a capitalist responsible for animal misery and death.

For every day that goes by our resolve and militancy should increase by orders of magnitude.

One hundred thousand animals were murdered while you were reading this. 100,000!

To end the Animal Holocaust will require direct action. It will require bringing down our current political and economic systems.

It will require revolution.

The revolution may be years or decades away. But we can work toward that day when we bring the killing of innocent animals to an end.

Working toward that end means recruiting, educating, training and organizing revolutionaries.

With enough revolutionaries, we can topple the government, and bring an end to the Animal Holocaust.

Steve Cutts


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