Amazon Deforestation: Timelapse

Explore a global timelapse of our planet, constructed from Landsat satellite imagery. The Amazon rainforest is shrinking at a rapid rate to provide land for farming and raising cattle. Each frame of the timelapse map is constructed from a year of Landsat satellite data, constituting an annual 1.7-terapixel snapshot of the Earth at 30-meter resolution. The Landsat program, managed by the USGS, has been acquiring images of the Earth’s surface since 1972. Landsat provides critical scientific information about our changing planet.


One thought on “Amazon Deforestation: Timelapse

  1. kendamro

    It would be interesting to know what percentage of that land is devoted to livestock and what percentage is devoted to fruits, veggies, nuts, etc.There are folks where I live that are getting wealthy selling cattle semen to South Americans – patting themselves on the back thinking they are keeping people from starving. Going vegan is easy if you focus on the animals – is difficult if you focus on yourself.


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