Vegan Anarcho-Primitivism

Retreating our way out of this caustic Anthropocene is a 2 step process, rewilding ourselves and rewilding Earth. Each requires the other. This site is the meeting of the two. And the meeting of back with forth.

How good to see Layla AbdelRahim solidly positioned at the confluence of veganism and anarcho-primitivism. While there is now this one key author, there is a void of veganarcho-primitivists centered on rewilding not only oneself, but Earth. There seems to be a small but steady number of nonvegan anarcho-primitivists, and slightly stronger numbers of Earth rewilders and vegans, perhaps due to their mainstream acceptance. With this site being a recently formed confluence from one narrow but raging wild river Anarcho-Primitivism, one darling, tame river Veganism, and one adored, rolling river Habitat Helpers which sometimes sidewinds into Nature Warriors, much of the material in this site is not perfectly centered, rather it draws from nearby influences…


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