I refuse to be tone policed.


I am and will be angry. Anger may hurt me in the long run but I’m allowed to a) feel it, b) act on it, and c) respond to carnists that put themselves out there on vegan posts saying ignorant shit.

I won’t be tone policed. Especially by other vegans.

Fuck yes I’m angry. If you’re at peace, awesome. Go be at peace. I’m super happy for you. But I am not at peace. I am enraged. I am outraged. If you’re not, fine. That doesn’t bother me. But do not tell me how I should feel or act. Animals are being tortured by the billions, humans are being displaced and abused for our food, the earth is being destroyed. I am so angry I can barely breathe sometimes. I will not let carnists step all over us.

And I do more than complain.

I love vegans just for being vegan. You are doing amazing things just by making cruelty free choices everyday. You are fucking awesome! That is enough, that is all you have to do.

This is what I feel I have to do.

The world doesn’t change if you nicely ask it to. The world changes when you make it. When you show it how wrong it is. Kindness is great, but not when the people you are trying to change don’t appreciate kindness.

Don’t silence the loud vegans.


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