It’s official: there are no more ‘untouched’ places left on Earth

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rainforest deforestation

It’s pretty clear that human society has left an indelible impression on the natural environment around us, with our impact on the planet even qualifying as a new geological epoch – but surely if you travelled far enough in search of an untouched, pure oasis, you could still find a natural sanctuary on Earth unsullied by the hands of humankind?

Nope. At least, not according to a new study, which trawled through decades of archaeological data and found that there are no remaining pristine places on Earth that are unaffected by human society and activity, and there probably hasn’t been one for thousands of years.

Archaeologist Nicole Boivin from the University of Oxford and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Germany and fellow researchers examined 30 years of archaeological studies and looked at new datasets on ancient DNA and microfossils, along with statistical models.


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