suspected suicide attempt by SeaWorld Orca shocks tourists

vegan anarchist primitivist

A captive killer whale is suspected of attempting to commit suicide after footage emerged of it beaching itself at a show in Tenerife. The Orca named Morgan, owned by SeaWorld, shocked tourists when she lay motionless on a concrete slab in a move associated with whale suicide.

Visitors to Tenerife’s Loro Parque on 16 May witnessed Morgan beach herself for at least 10 minutes before they had to leave the theater. Morgan can be seen moving slightly in the video but does not attempt to get back in the water

Killer whales sometimes come ashore to hunt but rarely do they spend this long out of the water as their body weight can crush their internal organs. Even while sleeping they maintain movement in the water.

The latest footage comes only weeks after a video reportedly showing the same whale emerged showing her banging her head against a metal gate…

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