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I’ve been lurking the subreddit for a while and I’ve noticed that you produce the bulk of the content and I’ve seen your blog. Your work is very well done and I have no complaints about your work, but I have one question.

Anarcho-Primitivism desires a society devoid of technology and the only society that sustains that lifestyle is the Paleolithic, which is characterized as hunter-gatherer. Wouldn’t a vegan diet not be supported in Hunter-Gatherer society? I can understand if you are boycotting the extremely brutal and inhumane farming industry and the dangerous chemicals and anti-biotics but into meat and chose to adapt a vegan diet because of those reasons. However, I don’t see how this Vegan diet is supportes in a Paleolithic lifestyle.

Again, no hate at all.
[–]veganarchoprimitivis[S] 1 point 1 day ago

Layla AbdelRahim would likely give a more… well versed reply. Have you ever checked out her stuff? Though painting an accurate picture of early humans is much a game of guess, it’s fairly accepted that earliest humans had a plant based diet. Hard to picture humans hunting before arrowheads & fire. I could go on, but admittedly my beliefs on the history of human diet are mostly speculation. My theory is that humans’ switch to a meat diet is a major factor that shaping our physical and emotional evolution, turning our species more predatory and invasive. This is the issue where I diverge with many anarcho-primitivists. Thanks for challenging me to formulate my foggy speculations into clear words.

[–]flytrap666 1 point 1 day ago

You are definitely correct in the fact that human’s ancestors (such as Australopithecus) were herbivores. But the transition from Australopithecus to Homo is marked by meat eating. I could see veganism being applicable in tropical climates and sub-tropical climates (such as Africa and Malay Islands) but in Europe and North America, there exist seasonal climates where the flora constantly change, making it harder for Europe & NA evolved humans to exclusively live off of a plant based diet. So much so that during the Ice Age, Neanderthals had to adopt an exclusive meat eating diet and then rely on the herbivores they hunted for vitamins and such.

[–]veganarchoprimitivis[S] 1 point 23 hours ago

Are you saying that you believe eating meat is what made us human? That sounds like a scientifically controversial thesis. Either way, every species has a habitat, with all its benefits and limitations. I believe humans evolved into an invasive species when we expanded out of our habitat. If a species moves into a place where the conditions change, species unable to adapt move back or die off. If we are a part of the natural world, we need to accept that nature reality. A species can overadapt to the point where it becomes invasive. If human survival meant being an invasive species, is that still our reality today? Seems our invasive nature has now ballooned to doing so much damage to nature relationships, including within our own species. If we have this awareness, do we also have the motivation and ability to evolve ourselves back out of our invasive nature, back into our natural habitat with more wild symbiotic relationships instead of our megadominating stance of today?

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  1. Ken Damro

    It’s good that we discuss “concepts” such at this and along with this, we need to discuss and define words or terms. I think one of the most miss understood terms is “vegan” and I also think there is much gray area in discussing the term “primitivist”. After all, what is technology? If I graft one variety of apple onto another isn’t that technology? Is a chopstick technology?
    So, just like vegans cannot survive in the world without doing harm to any animal life (but we can avoid the vast majority of harm if we are aware and willing) primitivists can not survive without any form of technology.
    Our species’ past is deep and complex and we can only hope to learn bits and pieces of it – and yes we can learn from our past. Yet I really don’t think we should try to live as past peoples lived. We are well beyond that blip in history and can never return. We can however, strive for a simpler, more sustainable, compassionate and evolved future. The fact that our species can thrive on an all plant diet allows us to consider this possibility for our future. The word “primitive” doesn’t always have to refer to the past – it can also be our present and our future.


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