On Veganism and Consumerism

Species and Class

By Alessandra Seiter

originally published on the Farmer’s Market Vegan; republished with permission from author

A substantial number of radical activists (see my bibliography below the main text of this post) have offered up cogent, change-inspiring writings on the veganism and consumerism long before I even began to understand the issues embedded within the links between the two phenomena. As such, in this article I will not attempt to claim responsibility for the ideas or suggestions already in existence, nor will I – as an activist still very much in the early stages of investigating veganism and consumerism – introduce new theoretical formulations on the topic. Rather, I seek to present a summary – informed, as always, by my own positionality – of existing scholarship to an audience perhaps not normally exposed to such information. I should note, however, that I am as of now in complete agreement with the ideas that I am about…

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