Our ancestors, sighting the ongoing human evolution hitting almost the deadly black hole, retract on the Human Footprint.

The price for civilization’s progress is and has always been to change environment in which we live. If our modern industrial society is therefore more abnormal rather than normal, it is that though humans have been around for several million years, it is only in the last one hundred and fifty years, that, in a tiny area of our planet, we became industrialists; and in the last sixty years that industrialization has become a global phenomenon.

If our industrial society is necessarily short-lived rather than permanent, it is that it cannot survive the destruction of the biosphere, – and this is very much more important – and this destruction is already very far advanced. Indeed, everywhere in the world today, croplands are being over-cropped, pasture-lands over-grazed, forests over-logged, wetlands over-drained, ground-waters over-tapped, seas and oceans over-fished as man co-opts for his own use fully 40% of the present Net Primary Product (NPP) of our planet’s terrestrial photosynthesis.

At the same time, the living world is being systematically over-burdened with ever-growing volumes of wastes of all sorts, including toxic chemicals, heavy metals and radionuclide, while billions of tons of carbon-dioxide and other greenhouse gases are drastically changing the very chemical composition of the atmosphere.

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Our Ancestors, on The Human Footprint, Retract at the Horrible Sight of Human Evolution Hitting Almost the ‘Black Hole’

On a passing reference to the impending catastrophic perils brought about in human society by modern science, former American President John F Kennedy jokingly said, “Life in other planets is already extinct because their scientists were more advanced than ours”. Most scientists today regard this vision with high prophetic accuracy and they are coming out with concrete proposals to emigrate to nearby planets as they find life on Earth quite unsustainable due to the fast disintegration of most life-support systems on Earth.

Today, the entire social structure, be it the economic structure, the power structure, or the political system, it’s hopeless, it’s rotten, it’s serving nobody’s interests except a handful super rich powerful corporations that own most of this technosphere. Degeneration of humans renders them as parasites who then go in search of hosts, and begin to develop techniques of exploitation. Here mechanization or technologization is the methodology of this exploitation and TECHNOSPHERE is the resulting superstructure which the degenerated species has artificially developed as its new abode, in modern history. Reads a source on the National Geographic video ’The Human Footprint’: “A disposable diaper takes 236.59 mls (8 fl oz) of crude oil to make the outside cover. It sits at least 500 years in landfill, far longer than the child will live. It requires felling four mature trees to create the absorbent pads for one child’s supply of diapers.”

Analogous in scale and planetary significance to the atmosphere or biosphere, a truly global technosphere has been in the process of evolving around the planet ever since the start of the so-called Industrial Revolution. Today the whole mankind, including you and me, are colonized (in the broad sense) in this surrogate nature, “2nd Nature” or TECHNOSPHERE by the reincarnated neo-colonialism called the global corporate system monster that reigns nations from behind the scene, by buying elections and leaders on the wholesale.

Today, the single day that man lives on this planet pollutes it much more than what it used to be polluted during the total period when man lived for tens of thousands of years during the pre-modern era. Now, as the pollution crescendo keeps building up on chain reaction through a million known and unknown sources and shapes, it can be safely concluded that either the planet is aging prematurely due to this vitiation process or nature is devising ways to get rid of this erratic, irritant species called modern man.

Today almost 99% of whatever modern man does turn out to be not only worthless and against society and Nature in near future but also against man himself, even if he is a middleman. That is, as modern human beings, we all – including you and me – are ending up doing almost everything against ourselves. As mostly a parasitic mechanical being, modern man is fast developing to be the terminator seed not only of mankind but also of almost all life forms on this planet.

Thus almost 99.99% modern human life is indirect, negative, destructive, unproductive and thus unnatural ever since he started this vitiation process, largely since the Industrial Revolution.

And the world thus ended up in making the whole mankind to be dependent—no, not on nature—on each other, for selling and buying techniques of exploitation of man by man. In other words, modern mankind, despite being the long exploiters nature, became exploiters of one another or just the PARASITES of the same species. And the trend soon got mandated and globalized with the market getting the lead and globalization becoming the norm.

In perpetually living a life dependent on the exploitation of the same species and thus promoting collective foolery, modern man has come to develop techniques of foolery – and its arts and craft. This exactly is the science and philosophy of what we call modernism.

In short, we are now going from biosphere to technosphere – soon to the sphere of the black hole. Read more: TECHNOSPHERE: THE COUNTERFEIT OF NATURE:…/technosphere-the-counterfeit-of…/

John Muthukat (pen name: M. J. John):


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