Open questions for Layla AbdelRahim

vegan anarchist primitivist

Ria’s questions for Layla AbdelRahim, Which Side Podcast

As one of the rare species Homo vegan anarchist primitivist, I want to state upfront that I have so much affinity with your perspective. The questions I pose here are to offer an opportunity for clarification and further discussion.

You say: “… what frustrates me in North America is the anthropocentricism. And the anthropocentricism spawns even, I would say even sometime animal rights and animal liberation circles, but not as much because these people are more sensitive towards the animals, but they’re kind of very binary and still a lot of the claims or the arguments made still have this anthropocentricism at its basis in the premises.”But then you also say, “… I crave for a more livable and compassionate wilderness…violence against animals…. how peaceful and wise and just and moral the wilderness is.”How are these descriptors not anthropocentric?

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