Belief humans are distinct from animals linked to sexist attitudes toward women

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Psychologists have found that the desire to perceive humans as distinct from other animals is linked to the endorsement of sexist beliefs.

The study, published in the journal Feminism & Psychology, surveyed 148 male college students regarding their beliefs about women, meaning in life, and the relationship between humans and animals. The more the students believed that humans were distinct from and superior to other animals, the more they endorsed sexist attitudes about women. Students who believed in greater belief in animal–human distinctiveness and had a stronger feeling that their life was meaningful.

PsyPost interviewed Christina Roylance of North Dakota State University about her study. Read her responses below:

PsyPost: Why were you interested in this topic?

Roylance: This topic represents an integration between my two main areas of interest–existential psychology, and issues related to sexism and the objectification of women. I am interested in how and why people…

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