response with reply to “Epiphany on the hunter-gatherer myth, by Ria”

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The coyote in me cannot be held down. She submitted “Epiphany on the hunter-gatherer myth, by Ria” to Black and Green Review for consideration. {Ha! Good one, Coyote!} I previously submitted a piece and got no reply, so I was anticipating the same. Was a bit of an elated shock to get a response this time, especially being that Epiphany seems to strike right at the core of their man-the-hunter basis. Don’t precisely remember, but I must have offered to expand on the piece if they found it lacking. Gotta give it to them for not just reading, but considering and responding with well thought out questions.

Interesting questions. Very telling of their pedagogy & methodology – rigid scientific with underlying vegan skepticism and blind acceptance of the mainstream meat norm – just doesn’t blend with my more sensual, experiential free flow. So I just answered & returned, leaving it up to them to do as…

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