Indigenous Artist gofundme (my kid’s fiancé)

Indigenous artist dreams to add flare to Detroit’s renaissance!

Liliana Paz, an aspiring Spanish-speaking Afro-Darienite tattoo artist from Columbia dreams to marry her fiancé Shawn and join him in Detroit’s budding art culture.  She has a burning creative vision, a burning love for her fiancé, and a burning desire to be a part of a healing community, but is stranded in a place far away. The only hope is her and Shawn saving up tens of thousands of dollars off his modest income and her $8/day subsistence wage for a fiancé visa.

Liliana and Shawn’s vision is to jump through all the immigration hoops (including demonstrating $60,000 assets to prove self-sufficiency). They plan to marry, then use those assets to buy an abandoned Detroit house, revitalize it into a home and turn it into a thriving refuge of healing and creativity for neighborhood people. Liliana would give tattoos and cook her traditional food while Shawn would open a gallery for local artists.

Also, she will continue to support her little brother in his dreams to go to college back home in Colombia.

Liliana and Shawn are seeking $30,000 to match their very hard earned $30,000 to meet the immigration asset requirement, and then convert the funds to make this dream come true.  Liliana is offering tattoos to people who donate over $200:

Whether or not you can give, feel free to spread the word electronically through social media and/or by distributing this flyer.

To learn more about Liliana’s Afro-indigenous culture, see The Africans Who Discovered America Thousands Of Years Before Columbus, Race and History, Columbian Africans Under Extreme Pressure, and the book A History of the African-Olmecs: Black Civilizations of America from Prehistoric Times.

Muchas gracias!!!

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