Dog Versus Wildlife

vegan anarchist primitivist

hunting dog

c1894 Hunting Bird Dog Chasing Rabbit

Endeavors to restore urban forests have opened my eyes to Earth’s ultimatum of the day – domesticated or wild– as shown in this case, domesticated dogs vs wildlife. Urban natural spaces are mostly seen as places for dogs to be wild and free. But focusing on the true wild life, I see habitat harm in action. Their paws compacting native seedlings and disturbing soil, creating a condition favoring invasive seeds to set and sprout. Their noises, scents, and even just their presence alarming mammals and flushing brush birds decreasing fauna diversity. Their feces and urine tainting the land and creeks, in the end polluting ocean habitation. Finally, it was their mauling of a forest’s sole remaining fox (see Animal Control Officer’s Report), and reading Lee Hall’s On Their Own Terms: Animal Liberation for the 21st Century,that motivates this essay.



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