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deconstruction reconstruction

farther… farther…

Disremembered Deep Past

Human families first emerge in an equatorial savannah/jungle edge. They live alongside other animals with no thought to exploit. No desire for flesh. No reverence either. They fear their predator animals, and simply coexist with others. They wander and forage for seeds, tubers, berries, shoots, nuts, leaves, sap, bark and mushrooms, their only prey.

Early humans have no rites, gods or doctrine, just endlessness connected as one to each other and their world. They play, love, suffer, mourn, think, and communicate deeply needing few words. They accept life and fate.

Their senses are fully engaged. They see nearing mammals in shifting grass; hear far bird calls of calm & warning; smell the moss that indicates water pools, taste varied flavors and textures of cattail; and feel weather changes in the wind. They know direction by sensing Earth’s magnetism, relish Sun’s life-sustaining powers, and are wholly in the energy realm connecting all life.

This is the way of human essence – our ceaseless, subliminal calling.

Hyper-Ego To Implosion

A climactic calamity sparks harsh survival conditions.  Desperate humans devour flesh for the first time, triggering the transition from prey to predator.  Inventing mechanisms to control food intensifies and results in territorialism, a class system, human overbreeding and at last mass monoculturism. Emergence of hyper-ego finalizes the evolutionary change.

Conflict leads to migrations. Humans shift from living in clans to cities to nation states to empires.  Clashes escalate with jingoism and dogmatic religiosity.

Modernization fosters abandonment of basic nature connections. Humans live on and above nature, plagued with malicious ignorance.

Absurd incongruences arise – gluttony and depravity, civility and war, freedom and oppression.  Revere some animals and trap, torture, slay & eat others. Human dominion displaces Earth’s quintessence.

Technology, overpopulation, narcissism and war climax in worldwide implosion.

Return To Nature

With massive human die off releasing their predatory grasp, Earth and all life begin healing, reshaping into a new yet old form. Most humans perish longing for past conveniences. Survivors migrate, settling in equatorial bands. The hyper-egoism that had evolved into a dominant human trait abruptly fades. Those who cannot switch to a life of selflessness wither.

Some who, before implosion, honed earlier technologies like seed propagation, shelter building and herbalism, initially fare well – but in the end most succumb. Successful scavengers survive longer. Foraging unfurls like fire.

Those who thrive recover their animal being by rekindling a deeply imprinted species past.   They activate dormant instincts, expand all senses, and rouse the slumbered connection with nature. Adapted humans find each other to share in becoming one with the revived grassland and forest habitats.

Rid of the transitory trait hyper-ego, humans again answer their calling.  They lastly return to their essence in nature.

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