Before humans entered the picture,

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Before humans entered the picture, North America had an impressive assortment of large mammals and birds. The herbivores of this megafauna included 3 species of elephants (woolly mammoths, giant mammoths, and mastodons), horses, camels, giant bison, giant ground sloths, giant armadillos, tapirs, giant beaver, giant tortoises (roughly the size of Volkswagon bugs), and a peccary as large as the wild boars of Europe. An entire guild of now extinct mega-predators existed to feed on these large herbivores, including cheetahs, saber-toothed tigers, giant wolves, and two species of lion (one larger than the modern lions of Africa). There also existed a truly fearsome short-nosed bear, about twice the size of a modern grizzly bear, which ran its prey down like modern wolves do. Jaguars lived far north of their current tropical latitudes, into the boreal forests of Canada, as did many of the New World cats now restricted to Central and…

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dark short story 

syndax vuzz

Throughout the century before the first bomb hit the ‘homeland’, humans were transformed into machine-like consumer-workers. Clandestine enculturation from the right in the name of ‘the free market’, and from the left in the name of ‘the common good’, methodologically eradicated useful innate instincts and compassionate impulses. Remaining organic surroundings were transformed into a human-made material savannah. Networks of asphalt streets, slapdash domiciles and shopping centers selling slave-made shipped synthetic goods spanned sea to sea.

Vanishing nature, catastrophic to almost all species, was rationalized by macho media personalities assigned the capitalist duty of clearing the collective conscience. Humans’ God-given duty to dominate it. Civilization’s destiny to simply use it for consumption & profit. Ever increasing symptoms of knocking the natural world out of whack – disappearing glaciers, drowning islands, Mega- hurricanes, flooding, drought, etc., were described as ‘usual weather patterns’ where pragmatically possible, or if need be, re-assigned to the…

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response with reply to “Epiphany on the hunter-gatherer myth, by Ria”

vegan anarchist primitivist

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The coyote in me cannot be held down. She submitted “Epiphany on the hunter-gatherer myth, by Ria” to Black and Green Review for consideration. {Ha! Good one, Coyote!} I previously submitted a piece and got no reply, so I was anticipating the same. Was a bit of an elated shock to get a response this time, especially being that Epiphany seems to strike right at the core of their man-the-hunter basis. Don’t precisely remember, but I must have offered to expand on the piece if they found it lacking. Gotta give it to them for not just reading, but considering and responding with well thought out questions.

Interesting questions. Very telling of their pedagogy & methodology – rigid scientific with underlying vegan skepticism and blind acceptance of the mainstream meat norm – just doesn’t blend with my more sensual, experiential free flow. So I just answered & returned, leaving it up to them to do as…

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brace 4 impact

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No automatic alt text available.
The ponzi scheme that is capitalism is in collapse,
as is the entire biosphere.
We have passed peak everything
and at the most challenging moment
in the history of our species
we have psychopathic, insane,
climate change denying, imperialist, fundamentalist,
evangelical Christians who believe in “The Rapture”
at the helm of our sinking ship.
We are fucked way beyond conventional political analysis.
This is an existential crisis mixed with insanity.
Brace for imminent impact.

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Epiphany on the hunter-gatherer myth, by Ria

vegan anarchist primitivist

I traveled to the wildest vast region of Venezuela where most of the aboriginal people live, southeast, to visit with a group of Pemon in the Gran Sabana. For the first many days the food was all plant derived. One dark night sleep would not come, so I explored my immediate area relying on my senses other than sight. The jungle behind was almost silent. As I felt my way along the ground toward the opening’s stream, I suddenly sensed human presence. As I crouched and inched forward, now with my sight and all senses alert, a shadowy silhouette emerged against the night horizon. A man standing solidly still in the middle of the stream ready to strike downward with a spear. He surely sensed my presence before I sensed his. Leaving space for his strategy, I froze as he noiselessly agreed to share the moment with me observing. After a…

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